How To Farm Ferrite in Warframe

If you are looking to Farm Ferrite in Warframe, then worry no more. Our to the point guide is here to help you out.

Ferrite is a common resource that means you will be able to farm it easily.

How To Identify?



How To Farm Ferrite?

Now that you know what the resource looks like. Here are the best farming locations.

Best Farming Locations

Any missions that you complete on the nodes mentioned below will give you the resource:

  • Apollodorus, Mercury – Surival mission. Common resource so easy to farm in Survival missions. Almost 20k in a single 15 minute run.
  • M Prime, Mercury – Extermination mission nets 2k to 3k per mission.
  • Teshub, Void – Exterminate mission can yield 2.5k-5k Ferrite.
  • Ani, Void – High level Survival mission that nets almost 14-15k per hour.

Basically, all the survival missions are great for getting this resource.

Note: It is best to use a resource booster and a suitable farming squad that can help you boost your chances. The best solo build would be taking a Smeeta Kavat + Nekros and a Slash Weapon.

Smeeta Kavat will 2x your loot drop chance and any enemies you take down using slash weapons while Nekros desecrate is active will also increase loot drop chances.

We hope this guide helped you out, do check our warframe wiki for more guides.

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