Warframe Resources

The farming of Warframe’s resources has always been a tricky topic. At first glance, the idea of players being able to farm resources from the environment is quite appealing. It would make the game less dependent on the in-game economy and give players more control over their character and inventory, as well as allow them to create items that may be difficult to acquire through other means.

Warframe has tons of resources that you will need from time to time to craft various things such as frames, weapons and much more. In this guide, you will briefly find out how to get these resources along with links to a more detailed article for the same thing. Click on the resource name to find the farming guide.

Warframe Resources List

CommonAlloy Plate •  Ferrite •  Nano Spores •  Salvage
UncommonCarbides •  Circuits •  Cryotic • Cubic Diodes • Hexenon • Oxium • Plastids • Polymer Bundle • Rubedo
RareArgon Crystal • Control Module •  Gallium •  Morphics  • Neural Sensors • Neurodes • Orokin Cell • Tellurium
Research Antiserum Injector Fragment •  Detonite Ampule ( Detonite Injector)  • Fieldron Sample (Fieldron) • Mutagen Sample (Mutagen Mass)  • Pigment • Synthula
Navigation Animo Nav Beacon • Cryptographic ALU •  Judgement Points  •   Nav Coordinate • Omega Isotopes
SpecialAyatan Star •  Endo •  Granum Crown • Javlok Capacitor • Kavat Genetic Code • Nitain Extract • Orokin Cipher • Kuva • Riven Sliver • Sentient Core • Somatic Fibers • Steel Essence  • Synthetic Eidolon Shard • Vitus Essence • Void Traces • Spectral Debris

Empyrean Resources

CommonCarbides • Cubic Diodes • Titanium • Ticor Plate
UncommonAsterite • Gallos Rods • Isos
RareAucrux Capacitors • Komms • Nullstones
SpecialKuva • Riven Sliver • Anomaly Shard

Plains of Eidolon Resources

CommonGrokdrul • Iradite • Maprico • Nistlepod
UncommonCondroc Wing • Kuaka Spinal Claw
RareCetus Wisp • Breath of the Eidolon
Mining (Metals /Red Veins/)Auron (Auroxium Alloy) • Coprun (Coprite Alloy) • Ferros (Fersteel Alloy) • Pyrol (Pyrotic Alloy))
Mining (Gems /Blue Veins/)Azurite (Tear Azurite) • Crimzian (Star Crimzian) • Devar (Esher Devar) • Nyth (Heart Nyth) • Sentirum (Radian Sentirum) • Veridos (Marquise Veridos)
Fishing (Spoils)Fish Meat • Fish Oil • Fish Scales
Fishing (Parts)Charc Electroplax • Cuthol Tendrils • Goopolla Spleen • Karkina Antenna • Khut-Khut Venom Sac • Mawfish Bones • Mortus Horn • Murkay Liver • Norg Brain • Seram Beetle Shell • Sharrac Teeth • Tralok Eyes • Yogwun Stomach
Fishing (Junk)Boot
EidolonEidolon Shard • Brilliant Eidolon Shard • Radiant Eidolon Shard • Exceptional Eidolon Shards • Flawless Sentient Core • Intact Sentient Core
Event ItemHemocyte Cystolith

Orb Vallis Resources

CommonGorgaricus Spore • Mytocardia Spore • Tepa Nodule • Thermal Sludge
BondsAdvances Debt-Bond • Familial Debt-Bond • Medical Debt-Bond • Shelter Debt-Bond • Training Debt-Bond
Systems Atmo Systems • Gyromag Systems • Repeller Systems
Mining (Ores /Red Veins/)Axidite (Axidrol Alloy) • Hesperon (Hespazym Alloy) • Travoride (Travocyte Alloy) • Venerol (Venerdo Alloy)
Mining (Gems /Blue Veins/)Amarast (Star Amarast) • Goblite (Goblite Tears) • Noctrul (Heart Noctrul) • Phasmin (Smooth Phasmin) • Thyst (Marquise Thyst) • Zodian (Radiant Zodian)
Fishing (Spoils)Scrap
Fishing (Parts)Echowinder Anoscopic Sensor • Tink Dissipator Coil • Synathid Ecosynth Analyzer • Tromyzon Entroplasma • Scrubber Exa Brain • Longwinder Lathe Coagulant • Brickie Muon Battery • Recaster Neural Relay • Mirewinder Parallel Biode • Eye-Eye Rotoblade • Charamote Sagan Module • Kriller Thermal Laser • Sapcaddy Venedo Case
Fishing (Junk)Crewman's Boot
ToroidCalda Toroid • Crisma Toroid • Lazulite Toroid • Sola Toroid • Vega Toroid
EventDiluted Thermia

Cambion Drift Resources

CommonGanglion • Lucent Teroglobe • Pustulite
RareScintillant • Seriglass Shard
ResidueFass Residue • Vome Residue
TokensDaughter Token • Father Token • Grandmother Token • Mother Token • Otak Token • Son Token
Mining (Minerals /Yellow Veins/)Adramalium (Adramal Alloy) • Bapholite (Tempered Bapholite) • Namalon (Devoted Namalon) • Thaumica (Thaumic Distillate))
Mining (Gems /Teal Veins/)Dagonic (Purged Dagonic) • Embolos (Cabochon Embolos) • Heciphron (Purified Heciphron) • Necrathene (Stellated Necrathene) • Tiametrite (Faceted Tiametrite) • Xenorhast (Trapezium Xenorhast)
Fishing (Spoils)Benign Infested Tumor • Ferment Bladder • Tubercular Gill System
Fishing (Parts)Biotic Filter • Cranial Foremount • Dendrite Blastoma • Ocular Stem-Root • Parasitic Tethermaw • Pustulent Cognitive Nodule • Saturated Muscle Mass • Spinal Core Section • Sporulate Sac • Waxen Sebum Deposit
Orokin MatrixOrokin Animus Matrix • Orokin Ballistics Matrix • Orokin Orientation Matrix
NecramechDamaged Necramech Casing • Damaged Necramech Engine • Damaged Necramech Pod • Damaged Necramech Weapon Barrel • Damaged Necramech Weapon Pod • Damaged Necramech Weapon Receiver • Damaged Necramech Weapon Stock

Other Misc Resources

Octavia's Anthem: Mandachord
The Archwing: Orokin Archive
The Jordas Percept: Pherliac Pods (Chitinous Husk • Infected Palpators • Pulsating Tubercles • Severed Bile Sac)
The Limbo Theorem: Proof Fragment
The New Strange: Chroma Mark • Chroma Signal • Scorched Beacon
Corpus Outpost: Frostleaf
Grineer Asteroid: Vestan Moss
Grineer Forest (Day): Sunlight Dragonlily • Sunlight Jadeleaf • Sunlight Threshcone
Grineer Forest (Night): Moonlight Dragonlily • Moonlight Jadeleaf • Moonlight Threshcone
Grineer Settlement: Ruk's Claw
Grineer Shipyard: Dusklight Sarracenia
Orokin Moon: Lunar Pitcher

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