How To Farm Salvage in Warframe

Salvage is a crucial but commonly found resource in Warframe. It is commonly found on Mars, Jupiter, and Sedna and is essential for crafting various blueprints. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to farm Salvage in Warframe, including farming locations, drop locations, gathering tips, and more.

Best Salvage Farming Locations

Salvage can be found in specific locations on Mars and Jupiter. The following table lists the recommended farming locations:

Target PlanetNameTypeLevelTile Set
JupiterCameriaSurvival (Dark Sector)20 – 30Corpus Gas City
MarsWahibaSurvival (Dark Sector)10 – 20Corpus Ship

Drop Locations

Salvage can be acquired through various mission types and enemy drops. The following sections detail the drop locations for Salvage.

Mission Drop Tables

The following table lists the mission types and their corresponding drop chances for Salvage:

Mission TypeSourceStar Chart NodesRotationChance
AnnihilationAnnihilation (Conclave)Annihilation, SaturnB12.65%
Cephalon CaptureCephalon Capture (Conclave)Cephalon Capture, SaturnB12.65%
LunaroLunaro (Conclave)Lunaro Arena, SaturnB12.65%
Team AnnihilationTeam Annihilation (Conclave)Team Annihilation, SaturnB12.65%

Enemy Drop Tables

Enemy drop tables are sourced from the official drop table repository. Specific enemies have a chance to drop Salvage upon defeat.

Blueprints Requiring Salvage

The list is huge, so probably best to not list is here. You can find this information directly on the Wiki Page.

Buy Salvage from Market?

Players can also purchase Salvage directly from the in-game market using Platinum. The exchange rate is 30 Platinum for 3,000 Salvage.

This is strictly not recommended because it only requires you 10 minutes of work to farm the necessary resource. I remember making this mistake when I was a beginner.

Gathering Tips

Below is a screenshot from my account, I have accumulated around 2.7 million of this resource during my lifetime of playing Warframe.

The following tips can help players farm Salvage more efficiently:

  • Carme (Mobile Defense) on Jupiter can potentially drop up to 2,000 Salvage per run if all containers and lockers are looted.
  • Olympus (Disruption) on Mars can provide at least 2,000 Salvage.
  • Participating in endless missions can yield higher concentrations of Salvage due to the increased number of mobs and storage containers.
  • Using Nekros with the Desecrate ability and a Kubrow or Kavat equipped with Animal Instinct and Scavenge can improve Salvage farming efficiency.
  • Equipping Slash AoE-weapons like Atterax, Scoliac, Ignis, or Amprex can also enhance Salvage farming.
  • Io (Defense) and Callisto (Interception) on Jupiter can net approximately 2,000 – 2,500 Salvage after each run. Both of these missions will require a little bit of coordination with the other, but don’t worry,, Warframe’s matchmaking will save you.

This was my take on Farming Salvage in Warframe. I have taken inputs from multiple sources and included information from my end. I have played this game for 3000 hours, so I know a thing or two.

These are the spots where salvage drops typically.

Every mission mentioned will net you around 3k to 5k per run in 5 minutes.

Once you have the resource, extract and get crafty.

CommonAlloy Plate •  Ferrite •  Nano Spores •  Salvage
UncommonCarbides •  Circuits •  Cryotic • Cubic Diodes • Hexenon • Oxium • Plastids • Polymer Bundle • Rubedo
RareArgon Crystal • Control Module •  Gallium •  Morphics  • Neural Sensors • Neurodes • Orokin Cell • Tellurium
Research Antiserum Injector Fragment •  Detonite Ampule ( Detonite Injector)  • Fieldron Sample (Fieldron) • Mutagen Sample (Mutagen Mass)  • Pigment • Synthula
Navigation Animo Nav Beacon • Cryptographic ALU •  Judgement Points  •   Nav Coordinate • Omega Isotopes
SpecialAyatan Star •  Endo •  Granum Crown • Javlok Capacitor • Kavat Genetic Code • Nitain Extract • Orokin Cipher • Kuva • Riven Sliver • Sentient Core • Somatic Fibers • Steel Essence  • Synthetic Eidolon Shard • Vitus Essence • Void Traces • Spectral Debris

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