Warframe Promo Codes – Free Glyphs

Last Updated on August 14, 2021

If you’ve been playing Warframe, you must be aware of the promo codes that come from time to time. These promo codes can be used to claim freebies, these freebies can be anything, from Glyphs to Slots, from Orokin Reactors to weapons. Let’s find out what the latest codes are and get those freebies!

Note: The codes given in this article can be used on any platform (Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, and Xbox One!). Platform-specific codes come out very rarely.

Earlier Warframe used to give away a lot of stuff, but their giveaway channel has now changed to Twitch. Nowadays, the promo codes only work for getting some cool looking Glyphs, that’s all!

How To Claim These Codes?

  • Just below this heading, you will find the list of best looking Glyphs
  • Click on whichever glyph you like and it will take you to the Warframe official website
  • After that follow the on-screen instructions

Note: Please do not claim every glyph in a single day. This will lead to a temporary IP ban and you won’t be able to claim anything.

Warframe Promo Codes 2021

These are the codes that are working as of now.

Warframe Glyph Codes  

Free Platinum Promo Codes

There are a lot of articles on the web, that have “free platinum code” in their headings. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing called free platinum codes. Only DE can transfer direct platinum to you and I am sure they don’t do it unless you purchase it from them. There are many ways of earning platinum in this game, just use the trading channel efficiently and you’ll have enough platinum.

Dead Promo Codes

These codes are not working anymore.

  • N00blShowtek – Redeem code for a N00blShowtek Glyph
  • FreeSword – Redeem code for a Head Sword
  • TwoGrakata – Redeem code for a Booster
  • VoidCrystal – Redeem code for a Booster
  • Warframe – Redeem code for a Booster

That’s all for the latest codes available as of now, we will update this article weekly so make sure to keep an eye!

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